Project Name: Qreator

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Date Completed: September 2017

Architect: Alessandro Lussito

Interior Designer: Preda Loredana

Qreator represents an innovative concept, a hub where people in all creative industries (music, fashion, dance, theatre, film or art) can come to work on their unique projects or relax. Qreator is a place for creativity, inspiration and innovation. It is dedicated to creatives looking for new opportunities and perspectives. Located in a historical building named Vila Oromolu, Qreator continues its story by combining classical architecture with new technologies, bringing together the past and the future, but also nature and innovation. The place welcomes its visitors with an impressive number of rooms, each one of them destined for creative projects in a certain domain.

Qreator has eight rooms: the technology room, the photography and painting room, the music room, the dance and movie room, the relaxation room, the co-creation room, the tobacco room and the re-taste room. The store’s concept is based on a contemporary design, with organic and dynamic forms. For the Tobacco Room, Studio Insign combined two of the most important elements of IQOS: tobacco and nature. The wooden tables, along with the eco elements and bright colours were selected to remind us of the IQOS world. The next room was created to introduce the visitor into the second component of this concept: technology. The organic ambiance is present once again, through curved screens, interactive tables and holograms. Studio Insign used moss to create three musical instruments and integrated nature into the interior design of the music room.

The photography and painting room has been designed to meet the artists’ needs, but also to give them a quiet and creative space. For the dance room, Studio Insign chose a large mirror, which covers an entire wall. This is also the movie room, as the design allows visitors to enjoy a film, while relaxing on the pliable armchairs. The relaxation room is perfect for spending some quiet moments, away from the chaos of the city. Studio Insign chose to integrate the two most important elements of the IQOS universe: nature and innovation. Both the sofa and the armchairs are specially designed to allow a subtle and relaxing swing. Their bright colours remind us of the Heets, the tobacco units intended for use with the IQOS holder.

Qreator combines nature with innovation. Besides being a place which encourages creatives to come and work on their ideas, it is also a place for adult smokers to discover an innovative product (IQOS), a tobacco heating system. Qreator is a perfect fit for all creative industries, from music, dance, photography, art, film to theatre or fashion. Every room has been designed to meet all requirements for a specific industry. The hub welcomes anybody who is or wants to become a creator. Qreator is a really unique place, since it is located in a historic building in the centre of Bucharest, named Vila Oromolu, dating since 1927. It features a surprising contemporary design, with organic and dynamic structures, hidden into a classical building, away from the chaos of the city centre. Most of the rooms integrate eco elements and floral designs. Some of them incorporate a full green wall, covered in moss. Qreator is one of Studio Insign most innovative projects, featuring a really unique space and experience for creatives in all industries.