Project Name: Red Head Peninsula
Location: Red Head Property 4 Incorporated, Ingonish, Canada
Date Completed: November 2016
Architect: Petr Kolar

The main aim for this project was to design a residence that was in harmony with nature while still creating a luxurious property with ultimate privacy. One of the features that makes Red Head unique is the extraordinary outdoors that surrounds it. Because of its surroundings, ADR had to try to avoid all the possibilities that could have a negative impact on the environment of where the project is based. The biggest task was to design a residence that would emphasise the spirit of the magical nature around the residence. The architect had to be aware of the outstanding and majestic 150-feet-high cliffs along the sides of the property that dominate any views of the land from the sea and Gross Ingonish Bay.

ADR also had to bear in mind the beaches below the cliffs (one of which is exclusively part of the property) and the rocky headland provide a natural 20-foot barrier to incursions from beyond the property. This approach influenced many parts of the building and as a result, natural elements are reflected on the inside and outside of the house. For example, the roof of the building is green, so it would not stand out from the surroundings. ADR also decided to make the building only single storey, so it would not disturb the landscape relief. The whole land is not fenced, and animals can pass through without any limitation. The materials that were used are mostly concrete in natural colouring with wood and glass.

Even though the house itself was designed to be in harmony with nature, the property does include a lot of special and modern technology too, one of which is the indoor microclimate technology that uses the principles of heat recovery and was specially designed for this project. Red Head also uses solar energy. ADR successfully designed a residence that provides a luxury experience with ultimate privacy while not disturbing the nature around it. Due to its inspiration and design Read Head has an atmosphere of an exclusive paradise.