Project Name: Roberto’s Ristorante
Location: Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date Completed: October 2016
Interior Designer: Paul Bishop

The brief for Bishop Design was to establish and create a new exciting direction and natural evolution of the previously designed brand. It was also a client requirement to develop a new visually stimulating and exciting lounge offering to be incorporated into the interior, however still sympathetic to the brands origins and to the interior which was an integral part. The design direction was also perceived to become, or offer itself, as a viable international franchise.

The venue was to have a variation in seating types – incorporating both a dining and lounge experience. Tables were required to be adaptable to a multitude of differing configurations and versatile to the customer’s needs. The food offering was envisioned to captivate and excite the potential clientele and target market whilst still maintaining the integrity and brand identity of the design and its established local and international patronage.

The venue was to be visually sumptuous and sympathetic to the cuisine. Therefore, a fresh sophisticated refinement was applied through the design styling which encapsulated the very essence of what Roberto’s is and was to become, all achieved through the thoughtfully developed interior detailing, elegantly crafted materials, dynamic ceiling and lighting features, sophisticated furniture selections and the aesthetic palette applied. The new venue focused on, not just creating a unique identity for this venue, it was to also create, evolve, develop, and establish a fresh innovative direction complementing the already successful brand created previously in its neighbouring emirate of Dubai.

The design introduced bespoke three-dimensional undulating wall finishes, upholstered wall and column details, and an innovative visually dynamic floor finish such as Patricia Urquiola stamp printed tiles, Artwood parquets, intricately engaging customized ceilings, versatile modular furniture, dynamic lighting. The creation of a seamless transition between the internal and external realms, was achieved through the use and development of bi-folding elevations, cantilevers, and retractable ceiling systems which enabled the space to seamlessly transition between two spatial realms when required.

Bishop Design believe the final design has captured the essence of the Roberto’s brand and has now become a viable franchise that can be expanded regionally as well as internationally. The chosen design was an intelligent, bespoke solution to the client’s brief. Thus, culminating in the creation of an engaging interior, visually enticing, contemporary, and vibrant yet with a soothing elegance achieved by materials, finishes and furniture used.

The client’s reasoning behind the chosen design was a successful achievement in creating a seamless transition to the new evolved direction. A design which embodies all that is Roberto’s is in spirit yet in establishing an immediate connectivity and individual identity that would now set the precedent and evolution of subsequent future venues to follow. Therefore, allowing the brand to penetrate different demographics affording the opportunity to position themselves in differing spatial scenarios where presented upon a global and international level.