Project Name: Rui Hong Xin Cheng

Location: Shanghai, China

Date Completed: December 2016

Interior Designer: Lin Hongjun

Rui Hong metro, is located in the north of the core area of the Bund. As this development represents the top end of Shanghai residential projects, it has been highly bespoke from the very beginning. HWCD Design spent many hours with the clients to understand their characters and expectations. Inspiration on composition, materials and combination then naturally flowed, which were followed through by factory visits and discussions with experienced craftsmen, to ensure the best materials were procured and utilised to achieve the most appropriate effect.
The manufacturing process followed traditional methods, paying tribute to the historic context, whereas the daring composition and combinations gave the space a distinct personality. For example, a light is no longer a mere utility, but the personification of the clients’ preferences and experiences. The crystal chandelier of the dining room uses rock crystals from a Belgian mine, oozing delicate beauty and class, while bringing an interesting topic to the dinner table. The extra height chandelier for the grand spiral staircase forms a cascade of lights, echoing the dancing rhythms of the living room ceiling light installation.

Observing the details of each bespoke piece takes one straight into the heart and purpose of luxury interior. From shagreen effect stairs, bronze trims, metallic leather bound handrails to intricate patterns made from special leather cutting techniques. Everything shows off a sense of unrushed pursuit for quality and perfection. The magnificent wall art in the guest bedroom, an image of an awesome cityscape, took no less than four months to create from drawings. Every step of its creation, from selection of wood, laser cutting to joining, is infused with a respect for age-old craftsmanship such as marquetry.

As a high fixed design, each space, each detail is repeatedly polished. From conception, design, material, process, HWCD Design are dedicated to step into the design, originality. Natural stone, wood veneer and crystal stone in the traditional manual process of carving, showing a unique texture and delicate touch, depicts the luxurious yet unassuming details of the sense of hierarchy. The whole space is immersed in the elegant, soft, and hard materials and elements installed transforms, compose the emotion rich metropolitan life.