Project Name: Setai, Sea of Galilee

Location: Sea of Galilee, Israel

Date Completed: September 2017

Interior Designer: Nous Design

Architect: Feigin Architects

Hotel Group: Setai Group

Contractor: Ram a.b.g Ltd

Photographer: Assaf Pinchuk

Setai, Sea of Galilee is one of the unique properties that was granted permission to build a low-rise luxury hotel on the shores of the Galilee lake. The hotel is immersed in the surrounding natural beauty of the local vegetation of the Galil and Golan mountains in the north of Israel. Belonging to Setai Group, this hotel was a joint effort from Nous Design and Feigin Architects. Setai, Sea of Galilee is a luxury hotel of 110 luxury suites that have direct access to individual infinity pools. The public areas include- a large reception, restaurant, lounge building, a 14-treatment room Spa with a wellbeing complex, outdoor bars and pools.

The complex is built from separate pavilions located within near proximity to each other. Using a unique column beam structure and glass enclosures the public buildings enhance the indoor- outdoor relationship. The roof is separated from this structure and therefore the building is not imposing on the surroundings nature. These forms help the guest to relax by making them feel they are a part of nature whether this is in the welcome hall, the rejuvenating spa, the food court, relaxation den or social areas.

The entrance to the hotel via the reception, mirrors an oasis with decorative partition that imitate the eucalyptus trees guiding the guest view towards the lake views. The arrival at the reception hall is therefore a welcoming experience which resembles walking in a tent, cooled down by the central water feature. The restaurant has a very simplistic and relaxed attitude. Wooden louver divides this large space to enhance the guests sense of a unique experience. The large central table has a display showing the wealth of the local Middle Eastern cuisine with decorative elements from the region.

The Spa is a unique 14 treatment room arranged in a circular building which with a central skylight and pendent lighting element that penetrates though the main central core.

The dark scheme to the ground floor helps to calm the guest’s arrival from the outside and reduces the harsh Mediterranean sunlight. Local materials used includes the black granite and Walnut. The scheme upstairs uses light colours aiming to uplift both the energy and mindset of the guests. The materials that are used are bleached white oak and light colour marble.