Project Name: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Location: Singapore

Date Completed: May 2017

Interior Designer: Bond Design Studio Inc.

Hotel Group: Shangri-la Hotel

Construction Company: Sunray

Singapore is one of the biggest cities in Asia and with many different cultures. Therefore along with the ‘Garden Concept’ this gave Bond Design Studio Inc. its inspiration behind the design. Singapore is a city which is the crossing point of Asian culture. To express this character various Asian materials have been used, for example, rattan from south-east Asia, black lacquer, black slate and Chinese traditional furniture.

Bond Design Studio Inc. have brought the garden inside the hotel and used this concept for the interiors in many ways, such as the stone feature wall, black stone pool and bird pattern carpet in the lounge.

The garden-ised lobby welcomes guests and takes them to each guest rooms which is a superior experience. Nature brings a perfect synergy with the interior fixtures in this space. Ficus benjamina trees and the basalt rock wall occupy the lobby quietly. The black pool compliments the surrounding nature. The garden seems to further expand into the water’s reflection. On the rock wall, real plants such as Rabbit’s Foot Fern, Pilea Depressa and Ficus trees are potted as well as artificial plants, this contrasts well with the hue of white colours and stylish interiors. Greens and massive rocks add a raw touch to them in a powerful way and bring a sense of the familiarity. On top of that, artworks are accented well to this minimalist beautiful design. They were made by artists from all over the Asia, such as Japan, Korea, China and Thailand. By collaborating with them, images of Singapore are expressed in a modern and artistic way. All the materials and colours used within the design work together to suit Singapore city. And this helps express the city’s culture in modern way.

This was a renovation project, in the first established Shangri-la hotel, so the main challenge Bond Design Studio Inc. faced was the need to keep the hotel brand image. They started with decoding the brand background and carefully sophisticating it. Keeping the history of the hotel and at the same time modernising it. This was the biggest challenge that Bond Design Studio Inc. faced within the whole project.