Location: AZ, USA

Architects: Bret West Architecture

Interior Design: MARKZEFF

Hotel Group: 3 Fold Hospitality 

Construction: Symmetry Construction 

Photography: Eric Laignel 

The restaurant named Arboleda showcases a remarkable Latin and Mediterranean aesthetic, which is the main source of inspiration for its food menu. This unique concept aims to fuse the richness of these cultures and regions and present it through a stylish and innovative approach. The interior designer MARKZEFF played a crucial role in bringing this vision to life by creating a welcoming space that exudes a sexy night life thread while also adding a significant value to the Scottsdale market.

Arboleda was initially a rather unremarkable shell of a building. However, the team behind the project decided to transform the space entirely, given its prominent location on a corner, which would undoubtedly contribute significantly to the neighborhood. MARKZEFF worked closely with a Mexican furniture designer and his wife to develop a furniture palette that would be both exciting and architecturally strong, ensuring that both elements blend well and are visually compelling.

The restaurant’s environment is situated in the desert, providing a cool sanctuary from the intense heat outside. The impactful design elements incorporated in the space make for an exciting destination that complements the overall experience of dining in the restaurant. Arboleda strives to offer a unique and memorable dining experience to its guests, and MARKZEFF’s expertise in designing an atmosphere that conveys a particular aesthetic has undoubtedly contributed to its success.