Location: Germany

Interior Design: Hadi Teherani Architects GmbH

Architect: Hadi Teherani Architects GmbH

Hotel Group: SV Group/ SV Hotel AG

Construction: Ed. Züblin AG

Associated: REINHOLD KELLER GmbH Innenausbau

Photography: Jochen Stüber & Courtyard Freiburg

The Courtyard by Marriot hotel is another enterprise that has moved into its headquarters at the recently inaugurated multifunctional complex named Volksbank-Areal. When designing this 4-star business hotel, Hadi Teherani Architects was particularly faced with the challenge of how a homogeneous architectural language could be formulated that represents both a bank and a hotel. What has come about is a complex volume that fits expediently into the urban surroundings while exhibiting self-assurance at the same time.

The hotel was equally drafted and stewarded by the designers at Hadi Teherani in its entirety, from the draft design all the way to completion. Managed by the Swiss gastronomy and hotel management group SV Hotel, it has 156 rooms, a ground-floor entrance with representational staircase leading to the spacious lobby on the first floor, a restaurant, lounge, bar, conference room and fitness centre.

Wood is used as a prominently enhancing factor at the hotel and, in combination with freely placed plant islands and flower boxes suspended from the ceiling, creates a homey atmosphere. As design element, a blue glass mosaic stripe in the floor is reminiscent of the legendary streams flowing in Freiburg and simultaneously serves as orientational guide. The streams reminded Hadi Teherani of Tehran, his home town, where waterways like these are also found in the centre of the city.

Whenever possible, natural materials are given preference in the designs of Hadi Teherani Architects: “We prefer to work with real materials, if the nature and the demands of the project allow it. Real and natural materials make ecologically sense and are valuable for health. They contribute to a healthier indoor atmosphere and have a positive and calming effect on people. In addition, we also associate a form of luxury with real materials, which can be perceived through all the senses – through the feel of the skin, the touch, the look, the smell.”