Location: Epping, UK

Interior Designer: Manong Lewis & Kiara Jefferies

Associated: WJ Carpentry Ltd

Tone Interiors Ltd have seamlessly blended old-world charm with modern luxury. The project involved refurbishing a 250-year-old Grade 2 listed restaurant, bar, and boutique hotel, where preserving the original architectural elements while introducing contemporary aesthetics was the key challenge.

Each suite within the hotel was individually designed to create a unique and decadent experience for guests. Designer wallpapers, luxurious fabrics, and limited edition artwork were carefully selected to infuse each suite with a sense of opulence and allure. The client’s vision was to juxtapose the old and new, highlighting the building’s historical features while enhancing the interiors with sumptuous furnishings and finishes.

As the building was listed, architectural and layout features had to be retained, but Tone Interiors Ltd skillfully updated the finishes and furnishings to exude luxury. Tactile and visually appealing materials were used to evoke a sense of touch and create a seamless flow of spaces throughout the hotel. The team managed to achieve a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere that unified the different building styles.

Nine suites were thoughtfully designed, with three of them featuring hand-beaten copper baths within the bedrooms. The ground floor was transformed into an open-plan restaurant and bar, carefully connected to the overall design concept. An eclectic experience was curated, combining traditional prints with contemporary elements, such as limited edition modern photographic artwork and oriental touches.

The design approach aimed to immerse guests in an overwhelming sense of luxury and escapism, transcending traditional design norms. Gilded wallpapers, rich velvets with metallic highlights, and sumptuous hand-beaten copper freestanding baths in deluxe rooms elevate the sense of decadence throughout the hotel. Each suite boasts bespoke made headboards, luxurious furniture, and carefully chosen accessories, contributing to the overall opulent atmosphere.

By striking a perfect balance between preserving historical charm and introducing modern decadence, the design team has crafted an unforgettable and sumptuous experience for all hotel visitors.