Location:  Czech Republic 

Architect / Designers : Petr Hák,  Jitka Aslan, Barbora Kolerusová, Luboš Brandeis 

Hotel Group: Lázně Poděbrady, a.s. 

Photography : Dita Havránková 

Hotel & Spa Chariclea, a wellness center with a 20m pool, is a renovation project by the Architect Petr Hak. The design brief was to renovate this former polyclinic from the 1970s into a contemporary hotel with a dedicated area for an exclusive spa experience.

For the architect, it was important to work with the existing architectural structure of this 1970’s building and create a minimalist, clean and modern hotel. Petr Hak managed to achieve this by establishing a new layout and strategies which will make the old structure stand out. By increasing the number of windows within the space and re-using the original concrete structure, the architect combined the old and new to create a luxurious and minimalist atmosphere.

As part of the design process, It was important for the architect and designers to maximize the amount of daylight within the space but also to carefully select lighting which will offer a different atmosphere within the Hotel & Spa. A cohesive lighting strategy was established to offer a minimalist and intimate experience for private areas as well as a bright atmosphere for public spaces within the hotel. Each material was selected with the idea to last such as the selection of marble, wood, stainless steel, custom carpets, and more. 

This design works so well because each detail was thought to offer a unique experience depending on the function of each room. Materials and lighting play a huge part in this design and allow to create a luxurious space that combines old and new, contemporary and old fashioned. Everything in this design is connected to the building’s history which makes it special.