Location: Best

Architect: P.A.M Teunissen Architectenburo BV

Interior Designer: Nijboer

Hotel Group: Van der Valk Exclusief

Construction: Huyrbregts Relou

Photography: Own pictures

In the quest to conceive a refined haven of opulence, spaciousness, and warmth, P.A.M Teunissen Architectenburo BV embarked on a visionary undertaking. The imperative was to design a hotel characterized by a modern exterior that seamlessly radiates a sense of inviting coziness—an embodiment of the Dutch concept of zellige. 

Anchored by a strategic emphasis on visibility and accessibility, the public amenities were strategically positioned at the base of the structure, adorned in a way that they seamlessly blend into a cohesive whole. Here, the architects wove a narrative of welcome, with a lobby that seamlessly extends into the bar and restaurant, enveloping visitors in an encompassing atmosphere of hospitality. This arrangement was meticulously framed around a central core that housed integral services, including the kitchen and storage, yielding an expansive and unobstructed space for visitors to revel in.

Elevating above the public plinth, the hotel rooms are perched, each exuding an air of space and grandeur. The focus on ample bathroom space and balcony access enhances the luxury experience. Exquisite suites, endowed with panoramic vistas, grace the building’s corners, offering sweeping views of the surroundings.

The artistic interplay between the modernistic exterior and the interior’s subtle nod to the seventies era resonates throughout the edifice. The exterior’s resolute lines, realized in crisp whites, cool glass, and bronze anodized aluminum, counterbalance the interior’s smooth, rounded, and inviting forms. The design thoughtfully mirrors the outward orientation, with services discretely nestled at the core, creating a harmonious synergy that defines the edifice’s character.