Location: Mexico City 

For this project, CUAIK CDS aimed to create a one-of-a-kind experience through the combination of Architecture, Design and large-scale art. 

Hunan Restaurant is the perfect example of a comprehensive design which invites you to live a variety of experiences all related to the traditional Chinese cuisine.

CUAIK CDS intended to create a unique environment within the restaurant premises. For instance the main room’s layout is dictated by four large booths integrated into the architecture. There are also three sculptural lamps in the center of the main hall which refer to the design of ancient Chinese traditional dresses. In addition, all the selection of materials, the vegetation, and the hanging lamps on the terrace are a reflection of the elegant style created in the first Grupo Hunan’s restaurant in 1993. 

Furniture and lighting are also the key elements of this interior, since each typology provides a different and unique experience within the space. Eating or dining at the stands, the bars, or the terrace tables mean being in a completely different atmosphere. 

Another factor that influenced the concept of creating a unique experience was the implementation of large-format art pieces, such as the murals by Leo Marz and K de Kilo, the paintings by Teresa Cuaik, and the sculpture by Umana. These personalised art pieces add value and give a distinctive identity to the restaurant.

CUAIK CDS constructive process for Hunan restaurant was approached with an artisanal mind and with the idea to offer a vibrant journey throughout the space.