Location: China

Interior Designer: Celia Chu Design & Associates

Hotel Group: Hyatt Centric

Photography: Sebastien Veronese

Celia Chu Design & Associates, the acclaimed Taiwan-based design firm, orchestrates a masterpiece in the form of the Hyatt Centric Lakeside Ningbo—the inaugural Hyatt Centric establishment on mainland China’s shores. Nestled by the serene waters of Tongxin Lake within the thriving International Talent Park of Zhenhai, this hotel unveils itself as an ideal launching pad for intrepid voyagers keen on unraveling the historical and cultural tapestry of Ningbo, whilst immersing in the authentic essence of this alluring port city.  

Architected by Celia Chu Design & Associates, the hotel’s contemporary facade and interior aesthetic ingeniously encapsulate the captivating natural surroundings, along with the rich heritage of Ningbo’s age-old craftsmanship and vibrant mahjong culture. Wooden shutters, reminiscent of an intimate clubhouse, evoke a warm and welcoming aura. The interiors artfully play with the lake’s reflections, augmented by locally crafted wall art. The hotel’s culinary epicenter, the signature restaurant, reimagines the hues of the four seasons, mirroring the intricate connection between Ningbo and the origins of mahjong.

Hyatt Centric Lakeside Ningbo, masterminded emerges as a beacon of excellence, its architectural and interior narrative harmonizing seamlessly with the natural vistas and cultural heritage of Ningbo. A peerless guest experience is forged, infused with the essence of the city’s ethos.

Notably, the project attains its objectives by orchestrating a guest experience that is both distinctive and immersive. By judiciously employing innovative design elements, materials, and methodologies, the hotel succeeds in capturing the very soul of Ningbo’s culture. The commitment to sustainability, evident in the responsible and eco-friendly approach, is commendable. The accolades garnered from patrons and the hotel’s triumphant resonance with the adventurous traveler’s spirit stand testament to the project’s resounding success in achieving its intended impact.