Location: Bali 

Architect/ Landscape design: Grounds Kent Architect, Made Wijaya

Interior Designer: Denniston International

Hotel Group / Developer: Jumeirah Group, PT Asia Pasifik Property

Jumeirah Bali offers 123 villas in one- and two-bedroom configurations, as well as a four-bedroom Royal Water Palace, all featuring sublime tropical views of the Indian Ocean and mesmerizing lush green natural beauty of Bali. 

The vision for the all-villa luxury resort was to connect Bali’s past and present in a verdant water-based sanctuary of luxury. In response, the architectural firm created an overall design narrative centered on the golden era of the Majapahit empire and its role as a sanctuary for Bali’s ruling elite. The resort’s 123 spacious villas are a carefully choreographed composition of light and space. Drawing on the “water palace” design narrative, the designers ensured that guests are never more than a few meters away from a gurgling stream or a fountain inspired by a royal purification pavilion from the Majapahit era. 

On the way to the lobby, an enchanted garden reveals itself behind a giant red Bodhi tree, an influential Buddhist symbol. The 120-year-old tree is a link between Jumeirah Bali and the Majapahit Empire. It was known as the “tree of awakening” and was traditionally planted at the entrance to royal dwellings and religious sites. The surrounding courtyard featuring a traditional Javanese pendopo pavilion, a grove of heritage trees, and multiple water features creates a sense of calm. Highly skilled Balinese craftsmen were commissioned to decorate the walls and doors with bespoke carvings painstakingly recreated traditional motifs and narratives to provide a fascinating window into a culture that shaped modern-day Bali. As guests transition between the resort’s public spaces, they seamlessly move between different periods, each room concealing a delightful surprise that engages all senses. 

Bali is well-known for its captivating beauty and rich cultural heritage; Jumeirah Bali is a first-of-its-kind concept that embodies the spirit of the province with a truly unique and memorable experience to reconnect with nature. The resort adds another feather to Jumeirah Group’s growing international portfolio providing a multicultural hospitality destination, integrating sustainability, culture, and wellness.