Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Interior Design: VAIR Design

Architect: P&T Group (Thailand)

Developer: AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Photography: Depth of Field Co., Ltd.

For this project, the design concept was eclectic contemporary, it’s intended to be a mix of different styles that are inspired by the diverse culture and lifestyles of the location and target group. The main colour for both the interior and exterior was deep maroon, which represents the “Hype” lifestyle and helps the project stand out from other residential projects in the area. The lobby is divided into 4 main sections: The Scarlet Foyer, a co-living lounge, a co-working space, and a sky lounge, each of which has unique elements. In keeping with the main concept, the artworks featured in the space are made using Moooi’s Tokyo Blue collection, which is inspired by Japanese culture and uses a variety of techniques and materials.

The Scarlet Foyer is a visually striking space that aims to make a strong first impression and showcases the central theme of the project. Scarlet red is used to contrast with the colour of the silver feature wall, which extends up to the ceiling, and is inspired by ancient Chinese medicine cabinets. It serves as a dramatic backdrop for the natural stone reception counter and the dynamic crystal chandelier which have organic shapes and lines. The walls on either side of the room are curved to guide the eye towards the next area of the lobby.

The Co-living lounge boasts a unique interior design that seamlessly incorporates elements of nature into the space. The room has been transformed into a green house, with glass and metal structures adorned with synthetic greenery. The combination of exotic plants, glass and metal, and natural wood creates a cohesive and vibrant atmosphere.

The Co-working Hall is a spacious, open area with a double-height glass facade that allows plenty of natural light to enter. It is nine meters tall and has a range of characterful, varied furniture to suit the design of the room. The concept of this space is to be a melting pot, a place where different elements can coexist harmoniously.

The Sky Lounge features three sets of large seats suspended above a glass floor, giving the impression of floating above a swimming pool. The wall behind the seats is adorned with a mix of woven fabric and copper-coloured metal panels. The ceiling of the Sky Lounge features a European-inspired design with glass panel that creates a pattern of endless reflections. This contrasts with the floating sculpture, which is made of fabric woven with copper threads and exudes a sense of luxury and innovation.