Location: New York

Architect: Stone Hill 

Interior Designer: Ashley Evans & Paul Basile of Basile Studio

Hotel Group : Lighstone

Construction: LBG 

Photography: Michael Kleinberg

The design of The Moxy Hotel in Williamsburg has been deftly orchestrated by Basile Studio, embodying a harmonious fusion of contemporary minimalism and comforting elements that resonate with the locale’s artistic, musical, and historical tapestry. A compelling marriage of modern aesthetics with congenial spaces has been achieved, standing as a testament to the studio’s prowess.

Incorporating inspiration drawn from the indigenous art, music, and dynamic live/work ambiance of the vicinity, the hotel’s design narrative reflects an artful blend of modern minimalism with inviting and snug areas. The conceptual genesis was rooted in the rich narrative of immigration history and its amalgamation of diverse individuals, intertwined with the modern voyager’s global perspectives. This conceptual foundation has reverberated through the hotel’s various sections, acting as the impetus behind their distinctive identities.

Noteworthy is the hotel’s central entrance and bar area, which boasts a remarkable 20-foot operable liquor display, serving as a captivating focal point visible through the expansive open storefront. Aligning with Basile Studio’s hallmark design ethos, this establishment demonstrates that engaging social spaces can be curated sans the reliance on conventional entertainment devices. 

A reflection of the vibrant culinary and design landscape of Tel Aviv, the hotel’s dining establishment draws deep-seated inspiration from design movements spanning the early to mid-20th century. This amalgamation results in an ambiance that exudes warmth and airiness, underscored by the presence of lofty 18-foot custom wood-framed windows and doors, suspended illuminated greenery, and a prominent overhead bar shelving feature.

In its entirety, Basile Studio’s meticulous design execution for The Moxy Hotel in Williamsburg eloquently realizes the integration of modern minimalism and a congenial ambiance inspired by the neighborhood’s cultural, musical, and historical dimensions. This distinctive amalgam of contemporary and familiar resonances culminates in an atmosphere that extends an inviting embrace to all, drawing inspiration from the multifaceted cityscape of New York.