Location: China

Architect: KKS International China Co.Ltd

Interior Designer: Freddie Cheung

Hotel Group : IHG

Construction: Gold Mantis Corporate Headquarters 

Photography: Still Space Photography

The design scheme of Crowne Plaza Quanzhou has been meticulously crafted under the guidance of the esteemed interior design firm Hirsch Bedner and Associates Ltd. The concept draws inspiration from the esteemed local maritime craftsmanship and infrastructure, seamlessly interweaving the distinctive trade port culture that the region is renowned for.

Embodying this vision, the design ethos for the L5 and L6 SPA zones revolves around the poetic tradition of releasing water lanterns. This ancient practice, originating during the Kangxi Dynasty of the Qing Dynasty and spanning over three centuries, finds its roots deeply embedded in Quanzhou, Fujian, and other localities. 

Upon disembarking from the elevator at L5, a spacious and serene reception area unveils itself. A defining element of this space is the meticulously woven timber wall encircling the perimeter, resembling the undulating ripples of water. A sculptural spiral staircase, evoking a sense of artistry, elegantly bridges the transition between L5 and L6. This architectural piece harmonizes with the prevailing serene ambiance, its minimalist design imbued with an impactful visual resonance.

The journey along the experiential corridor to the SPA treatment precinct introduces volcanic stone-clad walls. Here, the corridor emulates a serene riverside, as water lanterns double as floor lamps, casting their gentle radiance upon the onyx stones that line the path. Guests traverse this passageway, akin to strolling beside a tranquil riverbank adorned with floating lanterns, inducing profound relaxation of the body, mind, and spirit. 

The spa complex also houses a swimming pool, evoking the vast expanse of the ocean. Clean and unassuming lines that traverse from floor to ceiling subtly evoke the form of a ship’s hull. Artistic sculptures gracing the walls poetically depict schools of fish breaching the surface, evoking the invigorating rush of waves caressing the skin.