Interior Designer: Studio Moren

Architect: Studio Moren

Hotel Group: 4C Hotel Group

Construction: Vascroft Contractors Ltd

Associated: MWL, Barrett Mahony Consulting Engineers, Future 54

Photography: Andy Stagg

Studio Moren has recently completed the Westin London City, a landmark hotel situated between the River Thames and the City of London. The hotel replaces four outdated office buildings with a cohesive piece of architecture spanning across three roads and utilising existing basements, foundations and a bridge across Upper Thames Street, while responding sensitively to its context. The design philosophy of the project revolved around a “local neighbourhood story”, with interiors evolving from free-flowing river forms to the geometry of the City, reflecting the Westin’s biophilic design ethos and brand pillars.

The 222-bed hotel boasts a prominent position over one of the arterial routes through the City of London and the southernmost façade facing onto the River Thames. The building’s design is sophisticated, minimal, and modern, creating a luxury hotel that truly encompasses modern elegance. The Hithe & Seek wine bar and restaurant, located at first floor level above the lobby, invites guests to enjoy panoramic views across the river towards Shakespeare’s Globe, Bankside, the Tate Modern and beyond while sampling paired wine and food selections. The bespoke banquette seating steps down towards the views, ensuring uninterrupted vistas for those entering and those already within the space.

The design uses a palette that is minimal in its colour and materiality so as not to distract from the views and reflections on the river. The slatted timber ceiling is inspired by the movement of water in the Thames below, and the slats are angled to create a natural flow through the space. The timber slatted ceiling runs throughout the public spaces, with the closer they are to the water, the more organic in form they are. The use of timber is intended to soften the space and give a natural feel, with the wave formation of the timber slatted ceiling guiding guests towards the glazed façade perfectly framing the views of Queenhithe Dock.

The project reflects Studio Moren’s design approach and philosophy, delivering a luxury hotel that responds sensitively to its location while encompassing modern elegance. The Westin London City provides a unique experience for guests, with its biophilic-inspired design ethos and core brand pillars, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable stay. Studio Moren’s expertise in interior design and architecture is evident in the successful completion of this iconic project.