Location: Via Riyadh, KSA

Interior Designer: DTK Studio

Construction Company: Bonian Al Mustaqbal

Photography: Wajd Abu Ramadan

DTK Studios have designed a luxurious food hall infused with the opulent Japanese Art Deco design style, elegantly interwoven with the esteemed Salmani Architecture style, Via Mercato rises tall with its awe-inspiring 14-meter-high expanse. This architectural marvel embodies the six principles of authenticity, continuity, human centricity, liveability, innovation, and sustainability, seamlessly blended with the Japanese design ethos of spaciousness, tranquillity, and stability.

The grandeur of Via Mercato begins with the majestic Caviar Bar, welcoming visitors to an extraordinary retail experience. A mezzanine floor expands to reveal a realm of retail counters, connected by a central attraction—the leather and marble-adorned staircase. The skylight showers the mezzanine level, where a delightful dining experience awaits, accompanied by a pizzeria and cheese shop on the ground level.

The facade, the sole source of natural light, embraces an Art Deco-inspired patterned skylight feature, accentuating aesthetics while stimulating natural light throughout the space. The centrepiece emerges in the form of a central staircase with marble-clad steps and double-layered guardrails adorned in an exquisite blend of leather upholstery and veneer, making it a showstopper in itself.

The ambiance of Via Mercato oscillates between grandeur and opulence during the day and unrivalled sophistication and poise at night. Embracing a colour palette of dark and opulent hues, the space exudes a sense of mystique and luxury.

Via Mercato is a sanctuary of refined design, seamlessly intertwining elements to evoke an elevated grandeur. Every detail, from the splendorous staircase to the mesmerizing skylight, contributes to the expression of luxury beyond the conspicuous elements. The striking black metal arches not only serve as visual separators of space but also provide essential structural support, further enhancing the store’s ambiance.