Location: New York

Architect: Stantec 

Interior Designer: Mark Zeff

Hotel Group : LAM Group 

Photography: Michael Mundy; Stacie Meador

MARKZEFF, the designer of a very modern skyscraper, has developed a playful and disruptive interior using impactful materials. The primary goal of the project was to create a hotel that seamlessly integrates into the dynamic environment of New York City, while also embodying the sense of humour, fun, and entertainment that the Virgin brand is known for.

The large windows in the building provide striking views of the Manhattan skyline, which effectively integrates the city into the interior spaces. With multiple amenity areas in the building, MARKZEFF designed dynamic spaces that are interconnected yet able to stand alone from a design perspective. The Rooftop, Everdene Restaurant, and Funny Library are examples of spaces that are designed to link to one another, creating a cohesive design story consistent with the Virgin brand while remaining interesting and fresh on an individual level.

The amenity spaces are dynamic and open to the city, giving the impression that the NYC landscape is part of the design impact. The project is truly a New York City endeavor, with MARKZEFF working diligently to ensure that both the architecture and interiors complement each other.

In conclusion, MARKZEFF’s design for this modern skyscraper hotel in New York City embodies what the Virgin brand is known for. The seamless integration of architecture and interior design creates a cohesive design story that is consistent with the brand while remaining interesting and fresh at the same time. The dynamic and open spaces within the building integrate the city itself into the interior design, making it truly a New York City project.

MARKZEFF’s dedication to ensuring that the architecture and interiors complement each other has resulted in an impressive project that is sure to impress guests and stand out in the hotel design community.