Location: China

Hotel Group: Zhengzhou Wenruilan Hotel Co., Ltd.

Photgraphy: Junyi Ai

In the constant transformation of light, shadow, sound, and color, View Dimension Design guides guests to experience a living journey from novelty to calmness, extreme comfort, and relaxation, while also adding more stories and warmth to the hotel. 

The design firm has created a space that immerses guests in an emotional transformation experience, starting from the elevator hall and leading them to the air lobby. The suspended ceiling and bar counter in the lobby extract wave elements, which are designed in harmony with the building structure’s limitations. This design aligns with the Chinese concept of “dissolving everything in water,” symbolizing the gathering of visitors from all directions in a beautifully lined and magnificent space. The water flow device enhances the interaction of sound and shape, providing a soothing effect on guests’ ears and relieving tiredness. The bar’s smooth lines echo with the space and are constructed from gold stainless steel, suspended in the air, providing guests with a more luxurious experience while fulfilling functional requirements.

Despite the lobby’s metal style, the interplay of light, shadow, and sound breaks the monotony, adding a rhythmic texture to the space. Upon checking in, guests swipe their cards and enter the corridor, instantly feeling the tranquillity, as if arriving in a new dream.

The project’s focal point is to guide guests to experience a journey from novelty to calmness to extreme comfort and relaxation, using design guidance and emotional collision, while also adding more stories and warmth to the hotel. View Dimension Design has ingeniously designed the hotel by combining it with the building structure’s limitations.