Location: China

Interior Designer: Wimberly Interiors, Singapore WATG’s Interior Design Studio

Yanbai Villa, a destination resort designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Wang Shu of Amateur Architecture Studio, celebrates Chinese culture and heritage while embracing sustainability and modern luxury. The villa draws inspiration from Wang Ximeng’s renowned artwork “A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains”, painted in the 12th century and famous for its bright blues and greens set against an ochre background.

WATG’s Interior Design Studio, led by Wimberly Interiors’ Singapore branch, worked in harmony with Wang Shu’s architectural design and Wang Ximeng’s artwork to create an interior design that pays homage to tradition while infusing it with a contemporary perspective. The team studied Wang Ximeng’s painting techniques to create visual contrast and depth using natural materials, forms, scales, and color. Every element was crafted with great care to establish a meaningful dialogue between the interior, architecture, and landscape, creating a hospitality journey that transports guests from the past to the present.

The design team’s approach also embraced sustainability, echoing Wang Shu’s signature use of recycled materials. Woven into a stunning tapestry of blue and green, repurposed stones and tiles from the site complement the locally-sourced materials used throughout the villa. Each material was chosen with great consideration for its environmental impact, aligning with the resort’s commitment to sustainability.

The result is a breath-taking celebration of Chinese culture and heritage, sustainability, and modern luxury. Yanbai Villa invites guests on a journey that evokes contemplation, reflection, and a sense of surprise and delight. The design captures the essence of the building, creating scene-stealing moments at every turn. By reimagining traditions for the modern world, WATG’s Interior Design Studio has created a destination that honours the past while embracing the future.