Project Name: Adana Sheraton Hotel
Location: Adana, Turkey
Architect: Murat Kader, Sema Eser Ozsaruhan of iki design group
Completion: 2013

The Hotel boosts Adana’s riverside outdoor activities and sets itself as a landmark that is grasped from every part of the city.

The Sheraton Hotels Chain initiated to develop a significant project in the southern part of Turkey. The city of Adana with its strategic location and vibrant urban life has been seen as an attractive and adequate host for this important investment. Appealing to the Eastern Mediterranean region, Adana Sheraton Hotel is likely to strengthen the tourism facilities of the city and sets new standards in hotel architecture. The Brief highlighted the issues to be followed in design development stages; integration with urban life; being a regional tourism destination giving references to Mediterranean life; reflecting the Sheraton Brand standards with the highest qualities; contributing to the vision of Adana to be a focal point in the Eastern Mediterranean. The brief put a particular emphasis on the architectural identity of the hotel building and asked for a dynamic and distinctive character with a solid and sober outlook. Adana Sheraton sets itself as an alternative option to foster an outdoor culture rather than being a conventional introverted hotel. It emerges as an urban curtain and animates the riverside with its dramatic outlook representing the fluidity of water. The gradual rising of the building regulates the scale and helps to avoid oppressing the riverside where human scale is essential. Adana Sheraton differs itself with its vivid design and enriches the architectural settings of Adana while dignifying the riverside. The terraces will inspire visitors who experience the pleasant view of the Seyhan River.