Project Name: Velaa Private Island Maldives
Location: Noonu Atoll, Republic of Maldives
Interior Designer: ADR s.r.o., Mimolimit s.r.o.
Architect: ADR s.r.o. – Petr Kolar, Ales Lapka
Completion: 2013

Velaa Private Island lies in the Indian Ocean waters off the shore of the Maldives, north of the capital Male. Guests can take their pick of 48 villas of various sizes and layouts situated right on the beach or overlooking the lagoon. The island offers a bonanza of social and sports activities, including several restaurants. The brief was to design a private island which will stand apart from the common hotel resorts in the area. ADR were not to develop a regular hotel, albeit with all the luxury and amenities one could think of – they were to create a place for select clientele, to come by invitation only, and spend ‘Private Moments’- whether these be culinary delights, sports, or moments of relaxation, or just doing nothing at all.

All that wrapped up in perfect service. All guest villas have sufficient privacy and adequate private beach space; each villa has its own pool and access road. The architecture for the island, through its design and the experiences it offers is truly unique in the Maldives context. The design, architecture, interiors, materials and accessories chosen serve the purpose of instilling peace, relaxation and privacy, ensuring guests feel they are in the Maldives and not in a ‘city hotel’. The design used largely traditional materials and technologies, tastefully and functionally supplemented with modern elements.

ADR were careful to strike a balance between privacy and a ‘feast for the eyes’ through humble, yet meticulously executed architecture combining tradition with modernity and surprises with familiarity. ADR also sought to minimise the negative footprint of the resort operation on the environment by promoting the restoration and development of the natural resources on the island and its surroundings, especially under water.