Project Name: W Guangzhou FEI
Location: Guangzhou, China
Interior Designer: A.N.D. Ryuu Kosaka, Reiko Saitou, Hironori Takeuchi
Architect: Rocco Design Architects
Completion: July 2013

FEI is a bar lounge in the first W hotel in Guangzhou, China. A large cubic space with 18m each side which floats in the façade and whose three sides are all glazing was given to the design team. They transformed the large cube into a bar lounge of three layers (1000sqm approx.) which is covered by soft organic lighting skin with constant and organic modification – as if it is an aurora.

The team created two design concepts to transform the glass box into the bar. The first concept is to cover the massive architectural and structural glass opening with soft organic lighting skin which is new in the world. The skin of innumerable fiber optics controls colour and speed of flash, it sparkles with constant modification. Also, the team managed to light up the whole wall with minimal numbers of light sources by a highly minute method of mixing the fiber and finishing gut. It is low cost & high performance.

The lighting sources are placed inside of the ceiling, so it is easy for maintenance. Even though the fiber is 18m long, the each fiber was scratched by hands to light up evenly. Also, in the daytime it becomes a delicate transparent screen and it softens the sun light. The second is to place multi-layers of horizontal floor and perpendicular wall in the space surrounded by light. The individual spaces separated into the multi-layers create different ‘Ma’ (distances) with distinct density and taste, and welcome guests with various expressions.