Project Name: Barcelò Milan
Location: Milan, Italy
Interior Designer and Lighting Project: Arch. Simone Micheli
Hotel Group: Barcelò Hotels & Resorts
Completion: December 2012

Barcelò Milan is the three-dimensional manifesto of the possible union between architecture and sensitivity; going over aesthetic canons, it tells the story of the everyday experience that becomes the active memory which drives men.

Forget all obsolete definitions of ‘business hotel’, Barcelò Milan – a hybrid place, full of synesthetic contaminations – rewrites canons for hotels of the future. The Barcelò Milan interiors are conceived as pieces of architecture inside an architecture; spaces, lights and colours are interconnected in order to generate content and linguistic innovation. Common areas are re-designed, hybridising spaces, by the contamination of functions to meet all kinds of guests’ needs; phytomorphic sculptures constitute the structural apparatus of the ground floor and all the furniture avoids conventional geometry. Relaxing islands are created by the contrast among acid greens and bright reds with the Luserna stone floor.

On the first floor the atmosphere is welcoming and serene: the wallpaper becomes a relaxing kaleidoscope and birch trees arise from the ground to the ceiling, making tones natural and harmonious. A super spa is located on the second floor: it is an organic, vibrant, interactive space where everything is strongly characterised: yellow fluid forms look like macro anemones which rise up from the ground or hang down from the ceiling, creating waterfalls. In ergonomic rooms lilac walls contrast with those in wood that, rising from the floor, characterise the bed head and wrap the whole bathroom.

The shower wrapped in a curtain of shaded glass becomes the visual fulcrum of the room, freeing itself from the slavery of bathroom walls. A tongue-mirror iconically defines the place of regeneration and physical well-being.

Photographer: Maurizio Marcato