Project Name: Le Campus
Location: Paris, France
Interior Designer: Virserius Studio
Completion Date: August 2014

Introducing Le Campus, the Virserius Studio-designed collaborative workspace that recently opened at the Hyatt Regency Charles de Gaulle in Paris.
The challenge for Virserius Studio was to create an optimal environment to boost cohesion, collaboration, and enable idea-sharing and solutions. Le Campus blends Therese Virserius’s deep expertise in architecture and design with sister Regina’s passion and extensive background in fine art.

The result is a space that encourages and supports that highly creative and participatory experience sure to be enjoyed by the busy, on-the-move professionals during their time at the Hyatt Regency. For some, the space may evoke the university days of yesteryear when one gathered with friends while studying for exams. For others, the bold colours and textures will offer a welcome respite from the more
conventional office spaces.

An important aspect of the project is its location within the Hyatt Regency. Collaborative work spaces don’t typically reside in global hotel chains. Designing Le Campus was an opportunity to break with design convention while still respecting the style and comfort associated with the Hyatt brand.