Name: Royal Palm Marrakech
Category: Hotel 50-200 Rooms
Location: Marrakech, Morocco
Date completed: December 2013
Architect: Jean-Francois ADAM Architects
Interior designer: Marilin SPATARO
Hotel group (if applicable): New Mauritius Hotels

The Royal Palm Marrakech is a 135 Suites and Villas 5 Star Hotel & Spa, within a 230 hectares Golf Estate, the “Domaine Royal Palm”, located 10 kms south of Marrakech, Morocco. Marrakech reflects the feel of the desert, the mountains, and the typical North African climate, with a strong cultural and historical background. The design of the Domaine Royal Palm had to reflect same.w

The main gateway, linked to the 1.2 km long axis within the luxurious landscaped garden, opens onto the golf with the Atlas mountains in the background. On the left stands the Country Club and on the right the Royal Palm Hotel. We were influenced by the rustic southern Moroccan architecture found in the Berber culture, such as the Ksars, Riads and Kasbahs. Our prime design objective was to provide shading in summer, sun penetration in winter and also areas of cascading waters to keep the air feeling fresh. We have sought to balance the flatness of the site with the introduction of vertical elements, by integrating majestic and spacious volumes, accentuated by the desert sunlight filtered through “moucharabiehs”.

Having gone through the mysterious outer walls and through an inner courtyard with gardens and ponds, the entrance is reached through enormous archways, with stunning views on the ponds, golf course and mountains. From the entrance lobby stands a perpendicular axis on which are pinned various amazing internal and external experiences leading to the three restaurants, the bar, the swimming pool and the conference facilities. The axis then becomes a “street”. Guests follow the path through the boutiques, inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of the souks and the traditional medina. The landscaped gardens, planted with olives, palms, lemons and oranges, with aromas wafting through the air, then lead the way to the Suites, Villas, Kids Club, Sports Centre and Spa.