Project Name: The Sanchaya
Location: Bintan, Indonesia
Interior Designer: P49 Deesign
Completion: 2014

The Sanchaya is a journey through South East Asia as seen through a reflection of the owners ‘private estate’ and the incredible art collected through her journeys & experiences. Comprising only 21 private villas and 9 suites the Sanchaya is a collection of ‘experiences’ through South East Asia which has been conceptualized as a “private estate” showcasing art & collectables amassed through many journeys by the owner. It is a collection of cultures and histories of the ASEAN region that reflects personal discoveries and passions. Guests are treated as friends at a family home rather than a typical hotel.

The overall aesthetic of the estate is based on residential spaces that evoke the charms and graces of a time gone by. It pays homage to the European salons prevalent throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, when homes were opened up to provide visitors with an engaging environment in which to share with others la vie vivant through food, arts and culture. At luxurious villas, guests live surrounded by the cultural riches of Indonesia, the historical artifacts of Vietnam or the vivid hues of Thai silks. In total, seven different countries are represented in the collection, each displayed in luxurious, one-of-a-kind havens.
Hidden behind this understated elegance is faultless functionality and contemporary planning strategies that are based on exceeding guest expectation and anticipating their every requirement. The Sanchaya, after all is the epitome of true luxury.