Name: Metzo’s Bistro & Bar
Category: Restaurant Within a Hotel
Location: Phuket, Thailand
Date Completed: October 2015
Interior Designer: Santhaya & Associates Co. Ltd
The vision for Metzo’s is a vibrant Mezze Bar & Bistro serving simple, elegant and delicious, dishes influenced by the cuisines of Southern Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey. Fresh produce and quality ingredients will be the core to Metzo’s offering. The food will served family or shared style, predominantly as small plates either at high tables in the bar or more traditional dining settings in the bistro.

Metzo’s is envisaged as a contemporary, high street, bar bistro rather than a traditional hotel restaurant, it should have a ‘lived in’, slightly industrial, eclectic, aesthetic with only subtle hints to its Moorish design. The atmosphere is to be relaxed and unpretentious, a place where people can socialize comfortably and feel engaged by both the staff and the food. The wine bar will become the casual dining and drinking focus for the resort and should centre around lively, shared, long tables. The heart of the bar should be the ‘long bar’ presenting a range of daily hot and cold tapas offerings and offering quality wines, craft beers and signature cocktails.

The bistro allows guests can enjoy more family orientated dining slightly away from the bar but within the casual, sociable ambience that permeates the entire space. Bi-fold doors will allow the space to flow out to alfresco dining by the pool. Toward the rear of the room two private dining rooms will help create more intimate spaces and offer different dining opportunities. The ambience, and the trend toward casual high end dining should afford Metzo’s the opportunity to step up for events such as wine pairing and dégustation evenings.