Interior Design: G.A Group

Architect: Kohn Pederson Fox

Hotel Group/Developer: Kerzner International

Photography: Natelee Cocks

Atlantis the Royal is a destination where everything has been designed to challenge the boundaries of the imagination. The brief was simple – to create the most memorable building in the city. G.A Group was tasked with creating a seamless and compelling narrative that could resolve numberless planning, design and technical challenges. G.A Group crafted a design narrative centred on the notion of water and water-based moments throughout the property, rather than the ocean, as can be found at Atlantis, The Palm.

The original design brief was inspired by the oldest inhabitants of the Arabian desert, the Bedouins. Known for their resourcefulness and hospitality, the tribes would traverse thousands of miles across the sand dunes using water wells, which were the lifeblood of the desert, to navigate. The precious commodity of water is constantly celebrated throughout the property, with water features, sculptures and moments peppered throughout to guide guests on their discovery of the resort.

The connection to water is made through a series of water fountains along the resorts main axis that guide visitors from its entry to their climactic finale, the Horizon and Skyblaze feature. Collectively, the combination of water and fire together in so many features in one location is something never done before anywhere else in the world.

The narrative of water is apparent as soon as you enter the hotel, starting in the lobby with the focal piece of artwork ‘Droplets’ – designed and envisioned by G.A Group as a stunning, focal point in the lobby. Intrinsic to the welcome experience, Droplets also signifies to guests upon entry that this is the first of many water features and fountains found throughout Atlantis The Royal.

The theme of each guestroom and suite continues the connection with water but in a more refined and abstract way. From the soft lines of the sofa to the undulating blues and turquoise of the carpet, guests are gently enveloped by the water theme. Each room category moves through this water theme to become more dramatic, the higher up the building guests go.

From the gentle blues of the Seascape room to the shimmering pearls of a Horizon Penthouse, all the way up to the dramatic hues of orange and red coral coloured walls of the Panoramic Penthouse.