Interior Designer: Alex Kravetz Design

Hotel Group: The Lancaster Landmark Hotel Group

The renovation of the Winter Garden at a landmark location is a major project that aims to transform the space into one of the grandest and most impressive in London. Drawing inspiration from renowned glasshouses and grand hotels around the world, such as the Palm House at Kew Gardens, the Orangerie at Syon House, and Longwood, the Winter Garden boasts one of the largest atriums in Europe, making it a truly awe-inspiring space.

One of the most exciting additions to the Winter Garden is the creation of a dedicated Champagne Bar. This bar is designed to be a destination in its own right, offering a range of high-quality champagnes and other beverages throughout the day. The bar is also a flexible space that can be used for private functions, making it the perfect venue for special events and celebrations. With its large size and versatility, the bar can accommodate a wide range of guests, from small groups to large parties, and is expected to be a significant source of additional attraction for the Winter Garden.

The colour palette used in the renovation takes inspiration from peacocks and palm courts, and features a vibrant mix of blues, greens, and gold. These colours evoke feelings of luxury, nature, and tranquillity, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels both sophisticated and relaxed.

The design team has expertly combined the best elements of iconic grand hotels with modern elements to create a space that is both timeless and contemporary. The result is a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, ensuring that the Winter Garden retains its historic charm while incorporating modern design elements.

Overall, the renovation of the Winter Garden is poised to be a truly impressive and awe-inspiring space that will continue to inspire. Special attention was also given to the lighting of the space with major accents on the incredible architectural space thus creating a sophisticated and warm space at every time of the day.