Location: London, UK

Interior Designer: Key Interior and Designs

Architect: Consarc

Developer: Dominvs Group

Construction: Mcaleer & Rushe

Associated: ica – Hospitality, Architecture & Interiors

Photography: Viktor Kery

The elegant rooms have been designed by Rani Ahluwalia, Creative Director of Key Interior and Designs, in partnership with Ica – Hospitality, Architecture & Interiors. The lavish, sophisticated designs are spread over the hotel’s six floors and 7,660 m2 floor space.

The interior design concept for this hotel hinged on the many meanings of ‘lost’. Key Interior and Designs took that word, played with it, turned it upside down and considered it from every abstract and literal angle. Key Interior and Designs wanted to turn each of those meanings into visual expression throughout the hotel. This process sparked a deeply creative and enjoyable approach that gave us a unique character for Lost Property.

The designers were keen to bring forgotten stories from London to life in the design, with a freshness that would create intrigue no matter where a guest looks, sits or rests. This is a design-conscious space from wherever you stand. The walls are lined with thought-provoking artwork, locally commissioned to reflect London’s history in fashion, industry and transport. In particular, Key Interior and Designs wanted to retell some of London’s more curious and peculiar stories; the ones lost in time but begging to be heard again. Looking at the bespoke art creations around the hotel transports you to a bygone age in London – but through a modern lens that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Nowhere is more provocative and captivating than the reception, gallery space, café and restaurant. Here, your eyes fall on a few unexpected treats that raise questions, smirks, conversation – and maybe a little doubt. The colourful sculpture of two lovers lost in love stops you in your tracks.

Lost Property will serve as a unique addition to the Square Mile and offer guests an inspired, eclectic collection of artwork infusing London’s colourful past whilst preserving and enhancing the Culture Mile’s extraordinary history.