Naval Architecture: The Italian Sea Group, Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture

Interior Design: Jouin Manku

Shipyard: The Italian Sea Group

Lighting Designer: Voyons Voir

Owner’s Architecture, Design & Engineering Consultant: Archineers Berlin

Interior Design Consulting: Trappmann Consulting SLU

Photography: Giuliano Sargentini, Christopher Scholey

Kenshō redefines the bounds of space and luxury on superyachts, symbolising something new, personal, and revolutionary. Kenshō flows. She is an owner-driven project that redefines the spatial constraints, distribution and luxury of a superyacht. Technical challenges are answered with feasible but poetic solutions.

Coherent and remarkable, Kenshō’s identity is an invitation to experience yachting differently. She was designed for rich sensory sea encounters, fine art and equally artful craftsmanship that touches every moment of the Kenshō experience. Nature-inspired smooth and organic shapes and finishes are a consistent motif throughout the yacht, giving Kenshō a unique personality. Enjoy more of the horizon while on board thanks to the lowered bulwarks, floor-to-ceiling glass, and low-profile custom-built external furnishings.

Inspired by nature, noble materials are artfully transformed into forms that are rounded and organic. From her hardscape to her soft touch interior, the narrative is coherent, seamless and contemporary. Teak, Marble, Onyx, Silk, Wool, Bronze and Glass, a diverse material vocabulary deployed in a deeply personal and poetic expression. The result is a new yacht born of history, tradition, values, myths, and stories. M/Y Kenshō is equipped with a state-of-the-art “Diesel-Electric” propulsion system, with permanent magnet electrical motors, granting high efficiency and great power, with limited volume.

The design has been developed giving important weight to the environmental perspective, not only in the respect of the “ECO” notation of the Classification Body, supplying the propulsion system with five variable speed generators, all equipped with an antiparticle system to optimise consumption at every speed and reduce emissions in the atmosphere. The hull has been developed by minimising resistance through the employment of azimuthal propulsion and retractable stabiliser fins.