Interior/Exterior Design: jozeph forakis … design – TEAM Jozeph forakis; Raffaelino Farina; Deok San Lee; Claudia Renate

 Boasting the world’s first 3D-printed superstructure and hull, the PEGASUS 88m is designed with sustainability in mind and features cutting-edge technology to minimize its environmental impact.

According to Jozeph Forakis, the designer behind the project, the brief for the yacht was to create a vessel that was as close to nature as possible while being respectful of the environment. The result is a yacht that is designed to be virtually invisible, both visually and environmentally. The PEGASUS 88m uses existing and developing technologies to create a superyacht that is net-zero in terms of carbon emissions.

One of the key features of the PEGASUS 88m is its superstructure, which is made using 3D printing technology. This innovative approach not only creates a strong and lightweight structure but also reduces the amount of energy, materials, and waste used during the construction process. In addition, the superstructure incorporates transparent solar panels that power electrolyzers, which extract hydrogen from seawater.

The fuel cells then convert the hydrogen into electricity, which is stored in lithium-ion batteries that power the azimuth pods and all operating and hotel systems. This means that during operation, the PEGASUS 88m produces zero carbon emissions and has an almost unlimited range.

The exterior of the PEGASUS 88m features a multi-tiered ‘wings’ superstructure, which is covered in mirrored glass to reflect the sky and the surrounding environment. This creates an illusion of invisibility and adds to the yacht’s eco-friendly design. The interior of the yacht is just as impressive, with a hydroponic and meditation Zen Garden, which includes the multi-level “Tree of Life” providing fresh food and air purification.

The foredeck of the PEGASUS 88m is home to an aquarium-style pool with expansive horizontal windows that transform into open balconies. Meanwhile, the aft of the yacht features a beach club with fold-down balconies that can be transformed into an enclosed solarium with sliding glass panels across the ceiling and down the transom bulkhead.

The PEGASUS 88m is a significant breakthrough in eco-friendly yacht design, using 3D printing technology, hydrogen fuel cells, and solar panels to create a luxurious and sustainable vessel. The yacht is a testament to Jozeph Forakis Design’s commitment to sustainable design and environmental conservation, setting a new standard for superyachts in the future.