Designers: Embraer Design Operations in Collaboration with Boeing Business Jets

Sky Voyager, an interior concept designed by Embraer Design Operations (EDO) in collaboration with Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), emphasizes the beauty of both Earth and sky. Two and a half years in the making, BBJ originally contracted with EDO to build a functional design that both highlights nature and uses technological advances to improve the passenger experience. Incorporated into the newest, most efficient BBJ, the design connects us to the spectacular environment through which we fly, while taking steps to preserve the planet we share together.

The modern contrast of white, black, and navy, are accentuated with bold polished copper, warm amber and beige textiles. The black Alcantara headliner holds the night sky with starry lights dancing above. Throughout the aircraft you will see areas of “exposed” veneer as if the interior is being peeled back to reveal wooden-like structural slats inspired by the very first Boeing headquarters in 1917, the “Red Barn.” The flooring is a combination of cool marble, warm wood, and plush carpet, placed purposefully in areas of the cabin best suited for each material. Authentic cuts of topographically textured stone are featured in the headboard of the stateroom and within the bulkhead niche of the main lounge.

This design provides extraordinary space and versatility featuring a luxurious dining/conference table, technologically advanced lounge areas and full height walk-by aisles leading to the private bedrooms and washrooms. The clean and modern lines of the aircraft contrast the natural elements creating a timeless yet advanced masterpiece.

The creation of The Sky Voyager was founded on three pillars. Those pillars being ergonomics, craftsmanship, and design. Placing the user in the forefront of every decision allows for maximum use and efficiency in every zone of the aircraft. Emphasis on the craftsmanship and compilation of the “Triad” of materials – leather, metal, and veneer is thoroughly placed throughout the interior. Story telling with carefully chosen materials and colour creates a purposeful yet elegant design. In addition, maintaining equal importance to transportation design, environmental design, and consumer product design quantum leaps The Sky Voyager into the future of aircraft design.

Sky Voyager is an interior that allows you to relax in luxury and comfort, while emphasizing the wonder and awe of flying as lines between Earth and sky seamlessly connect. The interior also showcases the future direction of the business aviation experience; a leap ahead in both inventiveness and engineering, enabled by teamwork and collaboration to result in an experiential sum greater than its parts.