Designer: Adrien Beauvais

Unity is a business class seat designed and manufactured by Safran Seats. Based on a space efficient staggered configuration, Unity delivers an uncompromised experience to its passengers thanks to a generous living space and advanced technologies.

Unity is a high-end forward facing solution, designed to provide best in class comfort, privacy and digital experience. Resulting from extensive market research and the Safran Seats high-level of expertise, it aims at satisfying the latest passenger expectations by integrating advanced technologies, creating an outstanding feel of space while ensuring flawless comfort, privacy and a highly premium feel.

It is unique to the market for the vast amount of space available for work, leisure activities or rest. It offers extra-large seat cushions (up to 3,5’’ larger than typical seats in its category), a large rectangular bed, supersized horizontal surfaces, and 24’’ TV screens on all AC platforms. Moreover, it offers extensive privacy options, premium experience Elite Suites at front rows as well as the latest Safran Seats innovative features such as Euphony (Safran Patented headset free audio system) or the Active Backrest comfort feature.