Project Name: Ares

Location: Turkey

Date Completed: April 2017

Company Name: Yurtbay Seramik

Designer: Yurtbay Seramik Design Team

Yurtbay Seramik introduce the Ares floor tile design, suitable for contemporary interior spaces. The Ares design is a 80 x 80 cm glazed porcelain tile designed as for hard flooring. Available in two colours; grey and black, the Ares flooring is versatile for both residential and commercial areas.

The objective and desired effect of this design was to create a concrete textured glazed porcelain tile for contemporary designs in neutral colours. It was important that the design was in keeping with new design trends as well as offering the client a new atmosphere and matte moulded surface that was durable and able to stand daily movement. This design is targeted to individuals who want to create their own living space whilst retaining a modern and contemporary style.