Project Name: AVA

Location: Wiltshire, UK

Date Completed: September 2015

Company Name: Tom Faulkner

Designer: Tom Faulkner

In a slice of ingenious visual trickery the AVA dining table shows two tetrahedrons – one seemingly balanced on the other, supporting a glass disc. AVA is constructed of three triangulated shapes, that appear to fall together, creating two tetrahedrons. They are welded together in such a way as to make an incredibly (and deceptively) strong table – with a very thin neck that is able to support a heavy glass top. The base is made of bronze with a dark patination. Faulkner designed this piece to be used within an entrance hallway or dining table. The AVA table can be made with many different and beautiful finishes on table tops including, marble, glass, slate, stone and wood.

“My favourite thing about this table is its silhouette, and its geometric simplicity. It is wonderful to use bronze and marble – two elemental and classical materials in such a contemporary way” – Tom Faulkner, AVA Table

The silhouette is sharp, minimal, and strong, and very distinctive. There is a beauty that flows from its own geometry. It catches the eye, and provides a sense of subtle drama, without being overpowering. The base is made by hand by skilled metalworkers, the patination is applied with heat and chemicals, and the marble top has a deep and subtle chamfer under its polished edge.