Project Name: The Beaded Sofa

Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Date Completed: March 2017

Company Name: Aurum Home

Designer: Aurum Home

Aurum Home introduce the Beaded Sofa, a shark tooth back seating with shrinking bubble legs forms a classic juxtaposing timeless tufting with a psychedelic twist. The grey suede sofa with brass beaded legs and tufted high back was designed for placement in any corner of one’s home. The designers wanted it to have a classical feel with tufting and thick sprung padding for extra comfort, however, the suede upholstery makes it a less plush looking option, that is not limited to more casual surroundings. The structure was designed with a shark tooth back to emulate an engulfed and cosy feel whilst the legs were added for a more edgy addition. Each leg comprised of four brass spheres cast in-house and held together with a steel rod inserted down the centre for additional stability. The depth of the seating was kept in excess, to compensate for the seemingly structured look, allowing you to sit unexpectedly comfortable despite the statement brass accentuation.

The designer’s favourite aspect of this piece is the element of surprise as your gaze sweeps down from the engulfed look and feel of the sofa, back towards the whimsy stabilizing sculptures at the bottom. This piece is a nod to the art world’s much lauded recent display by Yayoi Kusama. The designers incorporated that magical element into a more sober seating option for everyday living whilst maintaining a fraction of the visual experience.

For this piece, the brass spheres’ casting was done with the help of Aslam Brothers. The structure and upholstery of the seating was carried out by a freelance carpenter. All of their pieces are primarily fabricated from start to finish by their in-house team of technicians. Each piece can be customised in terms of materials, colours, dimensions and even design adjustments. They operate with creative solutions in their production process to fill the void of a prevalent lack of infrastructure and mechanisation. To achieve the quality and finish universally and to be acknowledged as a luxury piece, the team works mostly by hand to match the results of a globally relevant design output.

All materials were sourced from the local market in Pakistan, where no one large store or supplier is used consistently. In fact, they have smaller workshops in the city where they operate out of. Aurum Home design team purchased the raw metal, marble or finishing materials which are polished/cut/manufactured/assembled in-house. Tasks as basic as flattening a raw material sheet and buffing it to prepare it for use, or cutting/polishing/waxing all stone slabs are all administered by the in-house team. For this piece in particular, the marble/glass and metal raw material was purchased from various suppliers, whereas the claw pattern and casting along with the entire creation of the wheels was completed in house using a lathe machine.