Project Name: Bulrushes

Location: London

Date Completed: 2017 Vista Collection

Company Name: Deirdre Dyson LLP

Designer: Deirdre Dyson

Launching the Bulrushes Design in January at Maison et Objet in Paris as part of Deirdre Dyson’s 2017 Vista Collection. Every year Deirdre Dyson creates a new collection consisting nine or ten designs, which are added to their growing Design Library.
The 2017 Vista Collection is a reflection of the unravelling of time itself; the skeleton of a maple and the shadow of its memory, the peeling skin of a silver birch and tumbling stones in a rushing brook. Stimulated by nature’s ephemeral splendour, the nine new carpet designs showcase Deirdre’s signature contemporary style.

The ‘Bulrushes’ design, inspired by a lake walk, is created by the gradual change in hue and precise contrast in light and shade creating the illusion of reflection on still water to beautiful effect. Deirdre’s training in fine art is apparent in her masterful use of colour in this design and across the 2017 collection. The Bulrushes carpet as with the rest of The Vista Collection, is intended to inspire clients to commission their own piece of art for the floor. They work with over 2,000 colours, so the designs can be adapted to suit any interiors scheme.

This carpet is hand knotted in Nepal by their Tibetan experts, practiced in this traditional method by using Chinese silk and the finest Tibetan wool. The last few collections have been the most challenging for the experts in Nepal, and the Bulrushes carpet was no exception. Achieving the smooth grading within the design is technically demanding, as the weavers have to change colour at almost every stitch.

“My Vista Collection is inspired by glimpses and observations taken on walks in the countryside – standing under trees with falling leaves, enchanted by bulrushes in still water and exquisite bright green water lilies floating above a mysterious deep, dark pond. I like to use colour grading techniques and strong and subtle tonal contrasts to create optical illusions, highlighting nature’s dramatic and transient beauty. The collection is intended to inspire clients to commission their own piece of art for the floor.”
– Deirdre Dyson, 2017 Vista Collection

Deirdre Dyson is proud to subscribe to GoodWeave, the international non-profit organisation working to end child labour in South Asia’s carpet industry. Goodweave educates and provides vocational training for illegally employed child workers, to help them towards a better future.