Project Name: Dragontale Rug

Location: London

Company Name: Louis Henri Ltd

Designer: Louis Henri Bührmann

The Dragontale rug came from a dream designer, Louis Henri, had after viewing a client’s apartment in Kensington, London. Louis has always been fascinated by the water’s edge having painted water lilies in oils and mixed media for the past 3 years.

As with all of Louis’s designs there is playfulness to the design but with a classical influence balancing the overall layout. Dragonflies are always at the water’s edge touching but no more. This mirroring of the dragonfly within the water is reflected in the design flowing in and out of sight, and then out of reflection. Handmade from 100% New Zealand wool, the rug features high-relief carved and low looped details. With a silver and gold detailed Dragonfly, flying in and out of sight like a dragontale. The Dragontale rug measures 2.6 meters in diameter.

Born in South Africa into a family of designers and innovators, Louis Henri Bührmann spent his childhood drawing, painting and creating. From an early age, he was hooked on the creative process. After completing a degree in interior architecture Louis moved to London to pursue a career in design. Over the next six years Louis excelled in the design industry whilst continually developing his own ideas, from interior product design to experimenting with lighting, textiles and spatial manipulation. In 2007, Louis made the monumental decision to start his own design business, and Louis Henri Ltd was born.

Now with over a decade of luxury design experience, Louis’ portfolio includes opulent apartments in London and Paris, a luxurious retreat in Dubai, a palace in Saudi Arabia and an exquisite holiday villa in the South of France, among others. Using his clients’ lifestyles as the starting point for his designs, Louis Henri’s elegant interiors include only the finest materials and bespoke craftsmanship. With the launch of his debut collection of furniture, lighting and rug concepts, Louis’ immaculate style continues to evolve, combining innovative design and an exacting attention to detail in these unique items. Each piece in the Louis Henri 2017 Collection is bespoke and expertly handcrafted, a thing of beauty that will last for many lifetimes.