Project Name: Haara

Location: London

Date Completed: August 2017

Company: Cameron Design House Ltd

Designer: Cameron Design House Ltd

Cameron Design House Ltd have designed a modular lighting system that creates an organic flowing pendant light. This beautiful focal point for the room was built from solid brass and glass, using modern techniques with traditional materials makes an instantly stunning iconic piece.

The Haara chandelier is inspired by the Finnish woods; delicate and balanced. It combines the use of traditional techniques and contemporary designs to create balance and ambience. The emphasis of this piece is to create unity between the softness of the light against the sharp, clean form of the branches. In the designer’s studio, they are able to prototype, experiment and discuss new designs freely. Cameron Design House Ltd. aim to create sculptural chandeliers that, through the design and fabrication, withstand ever-changing tastes and environments. The Haara design works well as it integrates modern design and production techniques with classic materials. It shows the harmony between nature and technology, especially as the fixture uses LEDs as the lighting source with recycled brass material from their workshop.

Cameron Design House is a lighting design and manufacturing company based in London. Founded by designer, Ian Cameron, to create bespoke, exclusive and timeless designs. Cameron Design House Ltd were the winners of the Lighting – Pendant/Chandelier Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2016.