Project Name: Horus (The Winged Sun Disk)

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Date Completed: January 2017

Company: Marwa Samy Studio

Designer: Marwa Samy

The Horus Pendant/Chandelier has been inspired from the iconic symbol which can be found above pharaonic temples gate (the sun disk carried by Horus wings). Marwa Samy Studio has presented this design with an Art-Deco Egyptian motif, which matched the modern and contemporary style seen within interior design. The Egyptian motifs are an initial part of the language of Art-Deco as design is still inspired by Art-Deco geometrics, not only with patterns but also in furniture design and interior details.

This project revives the ancient Egyptian icons and motifs in a functional tranquil form. Since the sun was the first known source of light, Marwa Samy Studio considered it the best option to present a lighting unit. It is a handmade piece, where the designers used the eco-friendly salt stone to present the sun disk and copper, with its shining finish, to present the Horus wings.

Due to its durability and warm light coming from the salt stone, it is beneficial for the health and the atmosphere around it. Salt stone neutralises electromagnetic radiation, purifies the air from bacteria and microbes, improves breathing, increases energy levels, reduces stress and increases performance. The designers believe that when they start to use eco-friendly materials that does not impact negatively over the environment, like salt stone, the designers achieve sustainability and ultimately good for the universe. As this piece is fully handmade it makes each piece unique and made with full concentration and devotion.