Project Name: Iridescent

Location: Scotland

Date Completed: September 2014

Company Name: Quartz LC Ltd

Designer: David Brown

With so few contemporary wall lights on the market, Quartz LC’s objective was to design a highly decorative fitting quite different from anything else available. Hand-built with each crystal being specifically placed to refract the light.

The brief was to design a Swarovski Crystal wall light using traditional crystal in a contemporary way. Quartz wall lights are handmade and float from the wall with a hand mirror polished aluminium supporting bar and wall plate. With a hidden light source, being LED, and crystal encrusted cylinder, their lights only consume 8 watts making this highly decorative fitting extremely efficient and also IP rated for bathroom installations.
David Brown, director of Quartz LC has named this light ‘Iridescent’ due to its phenomenon of certain surfaces that appear to change colour as angle of view or angle of illumination changes. The crystals are randomly placed to bounce and reflect the light in all directions with spectacular effect.

With the ability to vary the length of the fitting and offer a 400, 500 and 600 lengths Quartz LC can also commission custom lengths if required. The method of mounting the crystal cylinder can also vary depending on the design concept with the wall plate adaptable to suit narrow fixings such as window or wardrobe mullions. This gives the fitting an exclusivity specific to a client’s design requirements. They encourage early communication with their clients so that the whole process can be accurately specified enabling site installation to run with ease. We developed a very simple cleat hook-on arrangement for ease of installation milled out of solid aluminium and mirror polished. The components virtually disappear into the reflections of the environment. The crystal cylinder shields direct visual link to the LED which is mounted vertically to the full length of the fitting.

The structure of the fitting is mirror polished by hand and this visually floats the crystal from the wall and gives the fitting a lightness. The crystal assembly is by UV adhesive which requires a blue LED fibre-optic flexible stem to cure each bonded crystal. They are hand-applied and every crystal is set at different angles and is layered to give maximum refraction of light.