Project Name: Lagoon Rug

Location: Singapore

Date Completed: January 2017

Company Name: Design Intervention

Designer: Design Intervention

The concept for the Lagoon rug designed by Singapore based interior design firm, Design Intervention, was to create the feel of a tranquil island lagoon. The swirls of blue colour ways have been inspired by ripples in a pool of fresh clear water. The use of deep blues and a touch of black bring an added depth and intensity to the design to enliven any room, while at the same time, the soft degradation of colour ensures a sense of serenity.

Design Intervention feel that a rug can often be used as the core design element in a room. It can tie in a d├ęcor scheme or add visual punch and pattern, whilst keeping the walls clear, either with a contemporary look or as a display for vibrant art work.
Design Intervention were inspired by the wonders of nature, with their favourite aspect of this piece was noted to be the colour and texture. They wanted the design to be known for its tranquillity whilst at the same time, its intensity. The Lagoon rug was woven by hand allowing the designer to control the subtle changes in colour.