Project Name: Lampides Punch Rug – Papillon XVI Collection

Location: London

Date Completed: June 2016

Company Name: Lambart & Browne

Designer: Freddy van Zevenbergen, Founder of Lambart & Browne

Following the many famous design houses that have turned their hands to soft furnishing design, Lambart & Browne and Silk Avenue have collaborated to produce a collection of carpets designed by L&B’s co-founder, Freddy van Zevenbergen.

In generations gone by, the prominent chattel to pass on would often be a fine, hand knotted carpet, and Lambart & Browne long wished to rekindle this almost lost tradition. By marrying up artwork ‘painted’ on an iPad with the fantastic skill and tradition of the artisans, this gives a unique and timeless longevity to an otherwise disposable art medium. Freddy has developed many of his existing designs and created some more by adding simple geometrics and popular butterfly inspired motifs. Woven in silk, the result is a rustic, natural look that feels every bit as contemporary today in its vibrant colour ways.

An heirloom is something that can be one of the most powerful of possessions it evokes memories, transports one through time and can give unique identity. We always greatly treasure pieces bestowed to us by friends and relatives and in the shorter mist environment surrounding us, these items hold strong and become ever more meaningful in our lives. Its appearance may be rustic but the ʻHeirloomʼ is beautiful and unique. Each piece is hand-crafted and finished to the highest quality, providing a reliable & invaluable resource to residential and commercial designers who seek originality, quality & excellent service, along with an enthusiastic approach to providing bespoke designs and finishes.

“Ever since a child I was mesmerised by butterflies. Their beauty and diversity (seemingly purely for our own pleasure) did and continues to always amaze me. This enchanting quality of the creative has the ability to transcend age groups (from new-borns to fine vintages!) and is why I wished to turn my paintings and designs into a beautiful spirit of childhood. I hope their innocence and playful nature manifests itself in my pieces. Encouraging us and to drift & dream of carefree moments past & future.”
– Freddy van Zevenbergen, Lampides Punch Rug

Lambart & Browne’s approach in carpet production is the oldest and most technical. The explanation is in the title; a skilled weaver individually ties every knot by hand, thus creating a totally unique handmade carpet. Each carpet is set up on an individual wooden loom which is sized to the specifications of the carpet dimension. Once the loom is set up, the vertical threads, known as the warp, are tied to the loom. Following, the horizontal threads are introduced, called the weft, and the foundations of the carpet have been put in place. The knots, commonly made of wool or silk, are then tied to the vertical warp threads by hand, and tightened by a comb-like tool. The production travels from bottom to top. An experienced weaver can tie one knot every 2 seconds. Consequently, the length of time to produce a hand-knotted carpet depends on the size, intricacy of the pattern and density of knots.