Project Name: Loop Table Lamp

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Date Completed: 2016

Company Name: Deniz Tunc

Designer: Deniz Tunc

The Loop Table Lamp has been manufactured by Deniz Tunc and her craftsmen ateliers when designing and creating furniture, metal and polishing.

A three dimensional modern chaotic design inspired from oval motions which can be seen on mosque windows. Each piece has been transformed from a flat surface, bending the material together to create a three dimensional cell. All intertwining cells are different and attached to each other by use of welding. The aesthetical connection of the structures crafts a helix design. Held together by a single connection point creates a challenge against gravity.

The designer’s favourite aspect of the Loop Lamp is the unique connection of the entangled cells, connected with each other. The design works well due to its balance between the juxtapose of emptiness and fullness within its design Special artisan skills were used in the welding of metal and cast iron pieces from different locations. The Meta Line cabinet was designed and manufactured in Istanbul where East meets West, Orient meets Okzident and North meets South to combine and melt in a unique pot.