Project Name: Masterpiece ‘Ode to Debo’

Location: London

Date Completed: June 2016

Company Name: Artwood

Designer: Katharine Pooley

Artwood were commissioned to design the hard floor design of the lecture theatre at The Masterpiece 2016 exhibition, which was designed by Katharine Pooley. This design was an ode to ‘Debo’ the late Duchess of Devonshire. The Masterpiece lecture theatre included luxurious finishes such as gold leafing and emerald green that were associated with the Duchess of Devonshire and her Chatsworth House estate in Derbyshire.

Artwood was the timber flooring of choice for this decadent space and were given a brief of providing a stunning but understated finish incorporating gold leafing. The designers at Artwood created a completely bespoke layout pattern and finish for the project. The panelling format designed by Artwood was a modern interpretation of classic parquetry design, utilising intricate detailing including miniature chequer patterning at the entrance and a fluid border fitted around the whole area. The stage area was clad and edged with the same exquisite detailing. Artwood produced a modern interpretation of a classic design that beautifully enhanced the elegant space. The flooring design complemented and accentuated the beauty of the other materials used in the design of the area. Special artisan skills included a bespoke and unique hand finishing technique.

Artwood incorporated four subtly different finishes within the floor including the use of both matt and gloss levels of sheen within each individual panel. The finishes selected were all from the Artwood Precious Metal Collection incorporating a content of real gold which has been hand inlaid into the timber grain. The lighting within the theatre beautifully picked up the gold content and the varying sheen levels to accentuate and highlight the true beauty of this completely unique flooring. Artwoods favourite aspect was said to be the flooring layout including the stage area, which was completely bespoke allowing Artwood to demonstrate true artistic creativity within the design brief.