Project Name: Nature

Date Completed: 2017

Designer: The Silk Gallery

In designing the collection for 2017, The Silk Gallery were looking to create high end, luxury fabrics which would not only impart glamour but a sense of calm to the interior. Modern, city living, is busy and often stressful. Modern, technological developments, and skill with manmade products such as faux leathers, and silks, coupled with a lack and high cost of space has made it easy to overlook the natural world when designing interiors.

From our very beginnings, humans have been surrounded by and inspired by nature. We lived in caves and used trees, grass, earth and the natural materials from our surroundings to construct our first homes and furnishings. In this modern era, we often look to our surrounding natural environment for relaxation and inner happiness and to provide an escape from the everyday stress of city living. So, it was with this in mind that The Silk Gallery focused on the elements in nature as the source of inspiration for this collection.

The textures of the fabrics in some instances have been designed to mimic the appearance of cracked earth or flaking tree bark. Earthy colour pallets have been shot through with jewel tones reminiscent of a Southern African landscape. Natural limestones and marbles can be seen in many of the “Onyx” colourways. Many of the “Texture” colours bring to mind the surface of moving water in rivers and lakes. All in all, through this collection we have attempted to interpret many of the beautiful, natural elements that surround us and which we often take for granted.